Therapy combined with anti anxiety medications can

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While people try to avoid catching Covid 19, they also need to stay healthy generally. It’s all too easy to let healthy living practices slip when focusing on a specific health threat, especially when movement is restricted. Yet it’s particularly important to keep as well as possible in this situation, to minimize the chances of needing treatment while medical facilities are over stretched. But this article offers seven simple ways to keep fit and healthy generally, both in body and mind, during the pandemic. Read More Words: 843Anxiety can wreck havoc on a person’s life if allowed to escalate out of control. Therapy combined with anti anxiety medications can significantly decrease symptoms for some people, but for some, side effects of medications can become problematic. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can cause as much, or even more improvement than conventional methods. This article provides an overview of some of these natural remedies. Read More Words: 981The coronavirus has everyone panic buying hand sanitizer like crazy. You can’t find it anywhere. Bath and Body Works has it out of stock until further notice. Purell has no idea when they’ll have more. The store shelves are bare. But guess what? All it takes are two ingredients (three if you’re being fancy) to make it yourself at home. This article not only provides the recipe but points out tips and tricks for making it work (and what will make it fail), all backed by sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and The Verge. Read More Words: 539

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